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A very warm welcome to Merlin Coins. Merlin Coin combines the best of two worlds; digital money and pure 999.9% Gold!

Merlin has worked his magic to combine the very latest bleeding-edge technologies together in one incredible opportunity. Imagine being in at the very start of Bitcoin; it’s now trading at well over $10,000 per coin! Imagine getting shares in Microsoft, Apple or Google, ‘back in the day’ when they were just starting out, and their shares were only a few cents each.

Well, this is the exact same opportunity that you now have before you; to be in at the very beginning of two revolutionary new crytocurrencies which are set to change the future today.

You’ll also be privy to all the very latest news, views, information and opportunities in this, the new digital age revolution.


Merlin Coins (Symbol; MERC) are very unique ‘Safety-Netted’ digital game tokens which are always guaranteed to be worth at least One US Dollar. What this means is that their price can never drop below that of the price of the US Dollar, so that they are always redeemable/exchangeable for at least $1.00, or whatever the current market value stipulates at the time if higher. Exactly the same as Bitcoin, the total supply is capped at 21 Million coins so there will never be more than 21 Million coins in existence. They are the brainchild of ‘Bitcoin Pete’ to launch the world’s first ever ‘overunity’ series of online games.

‘Overunity’ means, in this context, that they actually pay out more than they receive in revenues and this is made possible by the mining/minting of the coins. This is a real game-changer as all other games out there are designed to pay out less than they take in; to pay for their development costs, running costs, overheads etc., and to make money for the people running them. This completely philanthropic paradigm-shift in nature is designed to help empower people the world over and is Bitcoin Pete’s very latest ‘Pay it Forward’ strategy to help give something back to the cryptocurrency woodpile which so generously gave to him.

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It’s been his life-long mission to help people, both financially and healthwise, with his unique an innovative range of Ethos Healthy Lifestyle Products and, back in 2013, he devised a programme called ‘The Pole of Fortune’ which gave away $50 a day to a random lucky participant. It had just started gaining in popularity until, one fateful day, the ‘Powers that be’ pulled the plug on his payment processors which instantly shut the whole system down. In the 6 months that it did manage to run for, he successfully managed to give away $9,050, to no less than 181 lucky winners.

Now, with the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, people are thankfully much freer to transact with one another than they were ‘back in the day’.
You can read a lot more about Bitcoin Pete and all of his ‘adventures’ in his very latest best-selling book, co-authored buy his great friend and business associate; the world-famous novelist & crime-writer Christopher Berry-Dee. And how is that all related to MerlinCoins? He is the same creator!

Merlin Coins utilise the very latest Proof of Stake protocol (PoS 5.0) which is the 5th-Generation descendant of the original Bitcoin Protocol that was first introduced on the 18th August 2008 with the registration of the domain and the following subsequent release of the ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ white paper on the 31st October 2008. It was officially launched with the Genesis block being established at 18:15:05 GMT on January 3rd 2009, closely followed by the release of Bitcoin v.0.1 on the 9th January 2009.

Dan Kaminsky, a leading IT security expert/hacker, who effectively found a fundamental flaw in the software that runs our internet, was sure he could find errors in the bitcoin code by hacking it. He tried hard, but totally failed, commenting; “The construction of Bitcoin represents ‘an entirely alien design that differs from normal code development’. While many applications have very clean and professional code, there is always a likelihood of security vulnerabilities behind the code. Conversely, Bitcoin’s frontend code appears very unprofessional and ‘hackish’, but its core appears secure to many researchers.” Whatever he tried failed with a message saying; ‘Attack Removed.’ It was as if the computer code was intelligent enough to know every possible method to try to hack the system. Every system has some element of human error – except Bitcoin it appears.

Bitcoin was the very first ‘proof of concept’ and now, ten years further down the line, it is fully battle-tested and its worldwide blockchain grid is securely and immutably in place; its fully operational and unstoppable now , on a massive global scale. There has been much speculation over the years where the name Satoshi Nakamoto originally came from and this looks to us to be the most probable answer.

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