Merlins Enchanted Forest

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For the very first game in the series, we thought we would start with something really simple and very easy for everybody to understand and get to grips with. We will introduce much more complex and entertaining ones as time progresses. The basic concept of the game came from the ever-popular old Facebook game called ‘Farmville’. You buy a ‘Merlin Magic Acorn’ for $100 worth of Merlin Coin game tokens and then simply plant it in a plot in Merlin’s Enchanted Forest of Brocéliande. You then wait for it to grow and mature into a fully-grown oak tree and, when it does, you receive $110 worth of Merlin Coins back again in return. So, as you can see, it really couldn’t get much simpler than that!


Each forest has 2,047 plots available to be planted and, upon completion, there is a random Grand Prize Draw which pays the very lucky winner $1,000 worth of Merlin Coins, with a second prize of $500 worth of Merlin Coins, and a third prize of $250 worth of Merlin Coins.

There is also an exciting referral reward system whereby, if you love the game as much as we think you will, and you refer your friends to play as well, when they plant their very first acorn you receive $5 worth of Merlin Coins as a ‘growers’ bonus reward for helping to fill up the forests faster.

Merlins Magic Acorns

The completion of the first forest then automatically generates two brand new forests and players can then chose which forest they wish to plant their next acorn(s) in. In this way, the game is infinitely upscale-able and automatically expands and grows in accordance with the numbers of people playing it. There’s no limit to the number of acorns that you can purchase and plant; the only limit is that you can only plant one acorn in any one 24-hour period. There is a very good reason for this as the last ‘Ultimate Level’ of 1,024 plots has our very unique feature of ‘miracle instant-grow’ – what this means is that as soon as you plant your acorn it instantly matures into a fully grown oak tree, thus giving you instant returns back, which is why everybody is limited to only planting one acorn a day to give everyone playing the game a fair and equal opportunity of reaping in the rewards of the ultimate 1,024 miracle instant-grow positions.

Merlin’s Magic Money Tree also features BitcoinPete’s unique and innovative ‘Randomiser’ code which has been very popular over his long and very successful busines-building career. What the randomiser does is, when anyone visits the website without a referring member’s link, it then sends that visitor to an ‘Active’ Merlin Member’s site. So, in this way, people can sometimes receive new members as a bonus from all the promotional efforts of BitcoinPete and the team which promote the base URL without a referral link. To qualify to receive these random visitors from the randomiser, members must be ‘Active’ which, in this case, means that they have to currently have at least one acorn planted in a plot in a forest anywhere in the game. Many companies promise ‘overspill’ and that they’ll place other members in your team for you before you join with them but then, after you have joined them, in reality, it never, ever happens so this very unique, innovative and exclusive feature of the game makes a very refreshing change also.

WEALTH WARNING This is a game ‘for fun’ and no returns whatsoever are neither guaranteed nor implied… But, when you receive your returns from mature trees, it is then totally up to you whether you decide to cash out some, or all of them, or whether you decide to buy another acorn, or acorns, and continue to play again – the choice is entirely up to you.

We hope that you enjoy playing the game as much as we have developing the concept for you and be sure to look out for subsequent games in our very unique and exciting overunity series as they come online.

All the very best

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