PLANT A TREE WITH ‘OneTreePlanted’

While we were beta testing the game and buying acorns to grow a virtual forest, an idea was born – why not plant a real-life tree at the same time as we’re building our digital forests?

And thus the initiative was born and a strategic partner alliance was forged between…

merlin coins


For each acorn that you buy in the Merlin’s Money Tree game, $1 is donated to the OneTreePlanted Organization.

To learn more about OneTreePlanted, please watch this short video below or download the brochure.


Merlin’s Money Tree is the very first in a brand-new series of the world’s very first ‘over-unity’ games for fun and enjoyment developed by serial internet entrepreneur BitcoinPete. What this unique and exciting concept means is that the games are strategically designed to actually pay out more money than they take in! This is a very refreshing contrast to all conventional casino like games, as even the very best of those run at 98% pay-out, and the worst at 75% or less! Whereas, in comparison, Merlin’s Money Tree is built with an incredible 116% pay-out! (The 1% goes to plant the One Tree Planted real-world trees.) How is this possible, I hear you ask; well, it is fuelled by Cryptocurrency Mining of the brand-new MerlinCoins (Symbol: MERC) Cryptocurrency; the brainchild of BitcoinPete to go hand-in-hand with this very unique and innovative new concept. And maybe it might just catch on..?

The game launched on the 1st July 2019 and is already gathering momentum as more and more people find out about this incredible adventure into The Enchanted Forests of Brocéliande with Merlin the Wizard and his happy bunch of merry men; The Merliners. Register today for your chance to be in at the very beginning of this real game-changer of an opportunity – – and we are certain that you will very soon be very pleased that you did.

We’re currently focused on reforesting these three areas:

1 – The Philippines

2 – Vietnam

3 – The Amazon Rainforest

To choose which region you would like to plant your donated trees in, please login to your Merlin’s Money Tree account and select your preferred region in your profile.

On June 29th 2019 BitcoinPete has already planted his first 100 trees in the Amazon Rainforest to celebrate the successful completion of his Merlin’s Money Tree Beta test and so there’ll very soon be plenty more where those came from!

If you’d like to plant more trees yourself today, please visit:


“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” – Amelia Earhart


If you want to find out more about Merlin’s Money Tree and the OneTreePlanted initiative, please join us on Discord channet –