Merlin’s Magic Money Tree FAQ


1). How to make a deposit?

Navigate to WALLET. Click Deposit button. Enter number of coins you wish to deposit and select Deposit Method (you can choose between fiat or crypto deposit). Confirm captcha and click Submit.


2). How to buy acorn(s)?

Navigate to FORESTS and click Buy 1 Acorn button. After you make the purchase, a timer appears and Buy 1 Acorn button will be disabled until the timer reaches 0:00. You can buy your next acorn after 24 hours.


3). Why are there two additional plots listed on each parcel?

The two Child Plots listed show the two plots which need to fill to fully mature your plot.


4). What does it take for an acorn to fully mature?

Your acorn fully matures only after the two additional plots are filled. The maturity time depends on how many plots are already taken in the forest and is directly proportional to the number of new members joining and buying acorns.


5). How does the reward system work?

You receive 55 Merlin Coins when your plot’s first child gets planted and another 55 Merlin coins when the second child gets planted (total of 110 MERC).


6). How to withdraw?

Navigate to WALLET and click the Withdraw button. Enter the number of coins you wish to withdraw and select Withdrawal Method. Confirm captcha and click Submit.


7). What does GENEALOGY mean?

The GENEALOGY page displays all the people that joined the game as your referrals. Whenever a new member joins Merlin’s Magic Tree with your referral link, you get a 5 MERC bonus for free when they purchase and plant their first acorn as a personal thankyou gift from Merlin for introducing them to the game…


8). What is VAULT?

The VAULT page displays all the transactions that you made – the deposits, the acorns that you purchased, bonuses that you received for maturing your plot and the withdrawals.


9). What is Merlin’s Magical ‘Miracle Grow’?

After the 1,023rd plot is sold and planted in a forest, that forest then goes into its Magical “Miracle Grow” mode which means that your acorns magically mature as soon as you plant them. This means that you instantly receive your 110 MERC maturity bonus back and you can then choose to either withdraw it, or use it to buy and plant another acorn. To be eligible to plant acorns during this final magic miracle grow phase of each forest you must have already planted/re-planted at least two acorns in that forest. If you have just joined the game and there is currently only one forest active that’s in its magic miracle grow phase you’ll just have to be patient and wait for the next two new forests to transmogrify and then you can start planting in those.


10). What happens when all plots are sold out?

Once one forest is completed, and all plots are sold, it then transmogrifies into two brand new virgin forests. Players then have the option of playing in either one, or both, of these new forests. In this way, the game is infinitely upscale-able as more and more players start playing the game. This is also a great time for celebration and rejoicing as the three lucky winners are then picked at random, from all of the players currently in the game, to receive their prizes and are then entered in to the Merlin’s Magic Money Tree Hall of Fame to go down in the annals of history for prosperity and posterity. The three lucky winners receive; a 1,000 MERC 1st Prize Reward, a 500 MERC 2nd Prize Reward, and a Third Prize Reward of 250 MERC.